Body Lift


This operation is indicated for people who suffer from a more or less obvious sagging skin and the weight, as close as possible to normal, stabilized and should not vary.

After a great and rapid weight loss, the skin - which is not the time to tighten - "wrinkles" and "hangs" like a heavy garment outgrown. The patient is obliged to "park" and hide. If some areas generally pose the most problems, such as stomach, arms, inner thighs, etc., sometimes the body must be fully lifter.

For the inner thighs, where the skin is ultra-slim and therefore shrinks very little discomfort before action is also functional (thighs rub). The operation is efficient and discreet scar. The downside is a period of longer and more unpleasant or problematic healing because, situated in a relatively mobile fold (the fold under the buttocks back to the groin in front), it tends to maceration.

This technique sometimes leaves visible scars. More skin resection, the more the scar is long. But is it better to keep a body without scars released a redesigned body harmoniously with scars? It is for each to answer this question ...

Give a nice shape to a body becomes unattractive due to changes in weight or excessive weight loss, age or physical inactivity, is possible thanks to the dermolipectomy (lifting) of the body parts that require the removal of a excess skin. Full contouring is also feasible.

Some parts of the body have a sagging skin more or less associated with excess fat deposition that the surgeon treats in the same operation.

For the lifting of the body, the amount of skin removed, liposuction and duration of the intervention make a rather heavy operation. The belly, thighs, hips and buttocks - or arms - are tightened simultaneously. The result is truly spectacular but the intervention is followed by significant fatigue. Support for health insurance is debatable; it requires prior agreement.

As for the arm, the intervention is rather small and well hidden scar in the armpit and / or inside of the arm. This is very demanded by people no longer supporting their arms "dangle and hang." If the amount of skin to be removed is small, the physician makes an incision in the armpit. Otherwise, unfortunately, only one incision along the arm solves the problem! And the scar is visible, sometimes unsightly.