Breast Surgery


Too large or too little, asymmetrical, loose, damaged due to illness: the breasts receive various surgical techniques that have proven themselves over the years.

Breast surgery is the solution that can meet the women unsatisfied requests of their chest, for physical reasons, psychological or purely aesthetic.

Different breast surgery technigues

Each type of breast is a breast surgery solution:

Breast Augmentation
This technique is to increase breast size. It is a solution for too small or asymmetrical breasts. Breast augmentation allows the introduction of breast implants under the mammary gland to give volume to the chest.
There are different types of breast implants. The silicone breast implants are the most used in France, but there are other based saline. You also have the choice between different forms of breast implants, prostheses called round shape or form "anatomical".

The breast reduction technique of breast surgery to correct breast enlargement, that is to say, a breast volume too high compared to the morphology of a woman. Breast reduction is also possible if breast disproportion, when the volume of a breast is more important than the other. The procedure allows to reshape the breasts by reducing the volume of glandular breast.

  • Correct breast ptosis or sagging breasts: the surgeon involved in reshaping the breasts by practicing concentration of the mammary gland to find a more hannonious chest.
  • The reconstructive surgery: this breast surgery is indicated in cases where the patient underwent a destructive breast surgery following a treatment against a particular cancer. Breast reconstruction can be done using various techniques: reconstruction with implants or by simply using the skin etc.

All these techniques breast surgery is done under general anesthesia.

The risks of breast surgery

Use a breast surgery is an important and irreversible decision that should not be taken lightly or for the wrong reasons.

lt should not be forgotten that any surgery whatsoever, there are risks related to anesthesia, possible infections, bleeding or to unsightly scars.

According breast surgery, the scars will be more or less important and the conditions to return to normal activity will be different from one intervention to another. They also depend on the importance of the corrections to be made.

It is not impossible that requires operation, thereafter, other light interventions for necessary corrections.

Finally, another important point, choose a surgeon qualified and competent plastic into the desired operation. Also, do not hesitate to consult different surgeons and take your time before you decide.