Dental Care


Bleaching: sparkling smile

Aging, consumption of coffee and tea, smoking will make your teeth darker or more yellow. The original teeth can be clarified. The result is a whiter teeth, which rejuvenates the look. The method Power Bleaching". Our powerful method of Iaundering medical heal your teeth and makes them significantly whiter.

Implants: artificial roots

You have lost several teeth? We carı replace it with an implant. A dental implant is comparable to a tooth root and has the shape of a screw. The dental implant is implanted in the jawbone. Then the gum is sutured. After healing, the final crown can be placed. We select only the best materials of the highest quality. Our implants are made of high quality titanium, a lightweight metal without risk of rejection.

Facets coating (shield) porcelain

Afacet (varnish) is a porcelain coating adhered on the teeth. The facet has the disadvantage of not resist when one wishes to change the shape of a tooth, and detach or crack after a few years. An ancient method (cheap) is the facet composite. The dentist applies a filler layer on the tooth. Over time, the composite will discolour and decompose. We choose the best materials and aim the best aesthetic result. Composite veneers are not included in our offer.

Crowns: small porcelain cap

The placement of aesthetic crowns on existing teeth is the treatment of the most performed dental surgery. You can for example put six crowns to dramatically improve your teeth and your general appearance. Our patients often choose a complete overhaul of their teeth with crowns. This treatment, despite its high cost, has become very popular in Europe. Cosmetic crowns can adapt completely the shape and color of your teeth, resulting in a fantastic teeth, beautiful and natural