What exactly the Labiaplasty?
The Labiaplasty or Vaginoplasty is an esthetic surgery of the genitals. Usually performed under local anesthesia, it helps to give to small and / or labia of the vagina so-called normal size and / or proper symmetry. Specifically, this operation is to reduce, increase or adjust the size of the vaginal lips, removing the skin or injecting fat. This is a meticulous surgery, more and more prevalent in the West.

Why use the Labiaplasty?
Initially, only the actresses pornographic films were using this type of operation, for obvious aesthetic reasons, this part of their body is most visible on the screen ...
But gradually, the women they desired-also be able to have a remodeled vagina after pregnancy for example, or when they were dissatisfied with what nature gave them.

Today, the primary reason these ladies and girls to undergo labioplasty is the concern of aestheticism. But it is not the only explanation.

Indeed, this operation would also be beneficial for women with recurrent vaginal infections, problems of sexual and / or those who are physically active intensively.

Reviews, disadvantages and risks of Labiaplasty

Thus, the labioplasty would improve the quality of sex, to be more comfortable and have better vaginal hygiene, but that, subject to compliance with the letter postoperative recommendations: focus position lying to sitting, take showers and faires his private toilets with anti-bacterial soap.

But labioplasty is today a highly controversial plastic surgery, and for two main reasons: one is medical, the other is moral.

Medically, it is an intervention that can further cause of vaginal infections because the lips protect less the vagina. It can also cause complications during childbirth.

Morally, it is akin to a quest for physical perfection dictated by the media and the world of fashion / film, and created new complex. We do not forget that: women are different and their small flaws are charming!