Lipofilling Face


ln reinjection into the facial fat removed by liposuction, lipofilling helps fiII the hollow and create volumes for a plumping effect rejuvenating. Because it offers natural and Iasting results, lipofilling face a huge success with faces emaciated by aging and marked by fatigue.

Lipofilling face, in brief

Also called "Iipostructure", "regenerative autologous fat" or even "technique Coleman" lipofilling face is to give back to face his initial volumes, to harmonize. Fat is taken from areas that have some potential tummy, inner thigh or knee.

After a purification step by centrifuge, the fat is injected into the face, where the lack of volume requires. The fat is injected into the face with micro cannulas foam that allow a real facial sculpture. Depending on the area to be filled, it will take more or less than centn'fuged fat volume. The process selects excellent cells.

Facial areas affected by lipofilling

Fat injections in the face are recommended to restore the lost volumes, at the excavated areas such as:

  • The cheekbones
  • The lips
  • The chin
  • The eyebrow temples
  • The rings hollow
  • Nasolabial folds

Lipofilling of the face is also indicated for HIV patients to correct the fat melts related to HAART.